March 15th is World Sleep Day !!

At Delta we are firm believers in the importance of sleep. We know it is sometimes hard to get good sleep hours in today’s busy world but it is critical to your health.

  • Research shows that we spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is a basic human need, much like eating and drinking, and is crucial to our overall health and well-being.
  • Sleep, like exercise and nutrition, is essential for metabolic regulation in children. There is evidence for a link between sleep duration and childhood obesity. The findings are more apparent in girls. Sleep duration is the effect of day-to-day variability of sleep-wake timing on weight regulation.
  • Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is known to have a significant negative impact on our health in the long and short term. Next day effects of poor quality sleep include a negative impact on our attention span, memory recall and learning.
  • Longer term effects are being studied, but poor quality sleep or sleep deprivation has been associated with significant health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, weakened immune systems and even some cancers.
  • Lack of sleep is related to many psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Here at Delta , all our clinicians wear Whoop bands on our wrist to help guide us in our health by providing data on our sleep and many other factors. ( Look for a post on Heart Rate Variability coming soon!)

Changing the way you move, to change what moves you!

Below is a link to a podcast on sleep from Whoop, as well as a fascinating talk with Matthew Walker , Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science.

Link to Whoop Podcast :

His book “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” is amazing!

( Fair warning , Joe Rogan can use some colourful language… but its still a great podcast episode)

Link to  Matthew Walker / Joe Rogan Interview :

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