Dry Needling is a technique physical therapists use for patients dealing with pain and difficulty moving. It works by stimulating “trigger points” also known as hyperirritable areas around where you may be experiencing pain or movement dysfunction. Dry needling has been widely adopted by many in the physical medicine field. It has helped patients with pain management and when combined with other interventions including exercise, can help decrease and sometimes eliminate pain or movement dysfunction.

How Does Dry Needling Work?
Dry needling works by placing a Filiform needle into different “trigger points” throughout your body. A Filiform needle is a fine, stainless steel needle that does not inject liquid into your body. The trigger points your therapist may target are areas of hard or knotted muscle, commonly found in the upper shoulders but can be found anywhere there is muscle in the body. The idea behind dry needling is that when the needle is inserted into the trigger points, it will help release the tension in the muscle which in turn can decrease pain and improve muscle function.

What Are the Benefits?
There are many different benefits of dry needling, the biggest one being pain relief which allows for development of better movement patterns.. Many people will also experience a greater range of motion and flexibility after their treatment. Dry needling can also aid relaxation, improve blood flow, and can even tell your body to release neurotransmitters that block pain transmission to your brain and spinal cord.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Like any type of treatment for pain, you may notice some side effects after your dry needling appointments. These can include bruising, soreness, and some bleeding around the insertion sites. More serious side effect can occur, but those are very rare. Be sure to research physical therapists in your area before scheduling your dry needling appointment.

If you’re looking for a licensed physical therapist that has experience in dry needling, Delta Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge, LA, is here to help! Our team believes that with the help of manual physical therapy and dry needling, the pain you’ve been experiencing can be relieved and you can continue doing the things you love most whether exercising or playing with your children or just getting through the work day pain-free.

If you think dry needling could help with your movement journey, give Delta Physical Therapy a call today at 225.372.5008 to set up an appointment, or visit our website to learn more about our therapist and the services we offer.

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