Hello Delta Blog readers, I am Derrick Hotard, a student out of Harding University’s Physical Therapy program. I’ve been learning for the past month and a half under the guidance of Kristen Glascock, DPT at Delta Physical Therapy and have been tasked with the duty of bringing you a high quality blog post. On this quest of blogging, I’m inclined to tell you about something that I care about and something that I have studied deeply and that subject is functional movement. Moreover, what I am here to tell you about is the Functional Movement System (FMS).


 Functional Movement System?

At this point you may or may not be asking yourself, “What is this Functional Movement System you speak of?” Well do I have an answer for your question that you may or may not be asking! The FunctionalMovement System (FMS) is a screen done to determine people’s injury risk while playing sports.  In this screen, the tester has the testee complete some functional movements where a score is given for each movement based on criteria. Scores correlate to injury risk in sport participation, with a score lower than 14 putting you at risk for injury. This screen can be used on anyone that wants to start playing sports, including young lads whose parents may be worried or you weekend warriors out there who just want to build up a sweat to stay in shape. The best part about it, it takes less than 20 minutes to complete so you might actually be able to find time to do it!

What’s Next?


So now, you may be asking yourself “What happens if I score low?” Well, have you come to the right place! The functional movement system has corrective exercises (long with those by your trusty, neighborhood PT) to fix those limitations. If you have pain or still remain apprehensive, we as physical therapist have the knowledge to figure out what’s holding you back.

Either way, Delta Physical Therapy is your place to come! Give us a call at 225.372.5008 or email info@deltabatonrouge.com to schedule a FREE 20 minute movement assessment to see if our therapist can address your movement needs.


Change the way you move. Change the way you live. 

Choose Change, Choose Delta!

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